Heather Marie Reaves
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I am not a fan of the whole "About Me" thing. I've probably rewritten this section a million times. So here goes a million and one. 
I'm a small town girl from Pleasant Hill, TN. When I'm not writing, my other job is a substitute teacher. I'm in the process of getting my Master's in Elementary Education. And when I'm not working, I'm hanging out with my hubby and our dog, Bear. 
One of the best things in my life is being an aunt to eight amazing nieces and nephews. I'm a big fan of the MCU, but my fave superhero is Wonder Woman. I don't care to admit; I'm a little obsessed. I love to read which is what led to my love of writing. The Chronicles of Narnia led me into the wonderful world of fantasy, and I've been a fan ever since.
I'm not one for labels, so I'm not crazy about categorizing myself or my work. I'm a Christian that writes books for a middle school/young adult audience. I've worked with young people in some capacity for twenty plus years. It just made sense for me to write books for them. 
I am an imperfect mess that loves Jesus, loves people, and wants to leave this world a little better than I found it. 



About Keepers of the Flame


I was struggling with my first book. I knew it wasn't what I supposed to be writing. To say I was frustrated would be an understatement. Then one day, I had lunch with a former student in a youth ministry I had volunteered in. She had just graduated from college, and we were reminiscing. I continued to think about those times as I drove home. The seed for what would become The Keepers of the Flame had been planted. I stopped the other book I was writing and dove head first into KOTF. I had spent a lot of time teaching on spiritual warfare and the darkness we as Christians fight. I wanted KOTF to be a fleshed-out illustration of that. I have always loved the fantasy genre and felt like it would be a perfect backdrop for this story. Not every character has a happy ending. And sometimes things seem hopeless. But, the themes of faith, forgiveness, hope, and redemption are always there. I hope you enjoy reading Keepers of the Flame as much as I enjoyed writing it. And I would be grateful if you took just a moment to leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. This helps more than you know.


About The Keeper's Code

After writing Keepers of the Flame, I felt there were some spiritual truths I wanted to explore. I wanted to write a Bible study, but I felt inadequate to do so. Although I have a Bachelor's degree in business, my formal education in Bible classes is limited. I was a student at Union University, for two years and had several Bible classes there, but that was almost a lifetime ago. Later in life, I took a year of classes through the Tennesse School of Ministry. But, I talked myself out of writing the Bible study until my mom got ahold of the book. She has taught children as long as I can remember. She knew there was material there. So with her encouragement, I began to write. In my teachings, I have always written my own material. Whether it was for my Sunday school class, a Bible study with my college/career group, or my turn to teach a youth meeting. I approached The Keeper's Code the same way. I wrote what I would teach. Last summer, we had focus groups participate in the Bible study. I learned a lot! After some rewriting and restructuring, The Keeper's Code: Principles of Discipleship was ready.
    At its core, The Keeper's Code is just a basic introduction to discipleship. I call it a study for lack of a better word. It's somewhere between a devotional and a Bible study. It focuses on basic disciplines like daily Bible reading and prayer. It emphasizes the importance of following Jesus and his command to share the Gospel. It can be a companion study to Keepers of the Flame or read by itself. I also have leader's resources here for those who want to teach it as a class. Again, I'd love to hear what you think about The Keeper's Code!