Keepers of the Flame

Keepers of the Flame

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On their thirteenth birthday, seven Finite begin their journey to Mount Lucernas to train as Keepers of the Flame. But their destiny is threatened by an ancient evil that has awakened beneath the sacred grounds of their new home. A demon invades their dreams, looking for one that will free him so that he can rule the Kingdom of Pyaerus. If the Finite fail to stop him, the Flame will be extinguished. The battle for the Kingdom will be their greatest challenge and not everyone will survive.

Keepers of the Flame is a fantasy/action adventure novel for middle grades. It has themes of faith, hope, and forgiveness in a story of good versus evil.

*Keepers of the Flame was originally released under the title Order of the Firstborn*

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What Readers are Saying About Keepers of the Flame.

“Definitely an attention grabber! It draws you to where you never want to put it down!”


“A thought-provoking story that your children will want to read over and over. Looking forward to the next in the series”


“An engrossing story about the battle of good and evil and a fresh look at the triumph of hope over despair.”