Character Profiles

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Livi Falx

Livi is the leader of the Keepers of the Flame. She is a Cerdosian from the Eryxian Desert. 

Strengths: Fearless. Defender of the weak. Never gives up. 

Weaknesses: Short temper. Stubborn.

Weapon of Choice: Sword

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Mat Eanos

Mat is a Casenian from Bethar Forest. He is the only child of a poor woodsman and his wife.

Strengths: Faithful friend. Good-hearted. Dependable.

Weaknesses: Self-doubt. Slow to action.

Weapon of Choice: Battle Axe

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Justinia Vexus

Justinia is an Aggolian from Zarith Cliffs. Is she enemy or friend?

Strengths: Smart. Strong. Tenacious.

Weaknesses: Pride. Jealousy. Anger.

Weapon of Choice: Long Spear

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Kylen Sura

Kylen is an Amrian from the Cyrene Swamps. He is a healer and a faithful follower of Jaoel.

Strengths: Humility. Faithfulness. Bravery.

Weaknesses: Sometimes acts without thinking first.

Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow

Telise Avita

Telise is an Xashian from Caprae Bay. She is friend to all.

Strengths: Peacemaker. Wise. Selfless.

Weaknesses: Sometimes puts herself in dangerous situations.

Weapon of choice: Dagger

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Vel Cimber

Vel is a Derian from the Valley of Delah. He has something to prove.

Strengths: Good listener. Fighter. 

Weaknesses: Fearful. 

Weapon of Choice: Double Battle Axe

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Lar Velusenna

Lar is a Heotian from the Hadrian Mountains. His mind is more on gold than the Flame.

Strengths: Bold. Cunning. Creative.

Weaknesses: Selfish. Arrogant.

Weapon of Choice: Sword